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    Located in Coimbra / Portugal and Rabat / Morocco is Artescan an engineering firm specializing in 3D scanning solutions. Our engineers and management have been providing world-class 3D scanning, reverse engineering and quality inspection services to a variety of industries worldwide for almost 9 years.

    No matter how small or large your project may be, you can count on Artescan to make it simpler for you to accomplish.

    We provide qualified services integrating 3D mobile & static laser scanning + photogrammetry + satellite imagery + GNSS + cartography + Information systems!

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About 3D Mobile Laser Scanning

Mobile scanning technology is revolutionizing the way accurate pavement data is captured for quality control and materials  management fs.

Artescan is using the RIEGL VMX-250. This system is equipped with 2 Class 1 eye-safe VQ-250 scanners collecting 600,000 points per second (300,000 singly). Fast 3D data collection, featuring high accuracy and high resolution, provides a basis for a variety of applications, like mapping of roadways and rail corridors (e.g. route inventory, noise protection, clearance gauge), waterways, ports, and harbors (e.g. river banks, jetties, cliffs) as well as extended urban and vacant areas. The sensor sees everything behind the vehicle and approximately 45 degrees in front of the vehicle. This allows for full 360-degree coverage, with points captured on all sides. The data is then extracted as a point cloud that is nearly photographic in quality. The point cloud can be configured to a deliverable in any CAD environment. A 30 km survey could take one month to complete with a human-only crew, but Artescan mobile scanning team can  complete most of the field work in few hours. Other advantages is with securityissues and less problems with traffic.

Your field collection is one day versus three weeks. Even if it cost a little more, there’s a break-even point there

3D Laser Scanning History

  • The first 3D scanning technology was created in the 1960s. The early scanners used lights, cameras and projectors  to perform this task. Due to limitations of the equipment it often took a lot of time and effort to scan objects accurately.   After 1985 they were replaced with scanners that could use white light, lasers and shadowing to capture a given surface.

  • A 3D laser scanner works by first projecting laser light onto the object or surface, then detecting the reflected light. Based on where the lights fall in relation to each other, the scanner calculates their positions and creates data points. These points help a computer recreate it visually.

  • 3D laser scanning is used in a variety of fields and academic research. It has benefited clothing and product design, the automotive industry and medical science. Laser scanning can also be used to record built and natural struchtures, especially in places that people may not be able to access due to safety hazards.

The World in Orange !!!


Welcome! In this first post I would like to establish a few things for what I hope to be a long relationship with all of you:

1. We are on the ground floor of a very exciting industry. Laser scanning has the potential to significantly affect the workflows and procedures within the many industries and markets where it is being applied. It is disruptive technology, which comes with a certain level of risk/pain, but those who can become established and profitable will find a first to marke

t competitive advantage.

2. My most favorite business quotation is, “The only trouble with doing something right the first time is – that no one appreciate how difficult it was. “ I will apply all of my 20 years of surveying, mapping and measurement experience to analyzing the trends and developments in the 3D laser scanning industry, and I will always strive to get it right the first time, but when you disagree please let me know.

3. This blog is going to f

ocus on identifying business opportunity and creating value for the readers, while helping to support and grow the overall industry. As we all know word of mouth is the best form of advertising. Combine that with the viral potential of the Internet, and we all know where it can lead. So I would like to ask you to help me to get things started by telling your friends and associates about this blog. Getting the word out is my biggest challenge. It is one that I am looking forward to.

I hope we can have some fun in the process, and I look forward to a great ride.