We provide solutions and services in the following areas of expertise:                                   > Portfolio

  • Infra-structure mapping with LiDAR, GNSS, photogrammetric and bathymetric systems;
  • Engineering documents: "as-built" drawings, plans, isometrics and P&IDs;
  • Architectural, archeological and heritage 3D / 2D documentation;
  • Assisted Visual Inspection for pathology mapping (dams, tunnels, bridges, etc);
  • Geometric monitoring and deformation analysis of slope surfaces;
  • Volume calculation in quarries and mines;
  • 3D Macro models and animation videos for archeologic objects;

road, rail and corridor mapping

Our 3D LiDAR Mobile Mapping systems allows quickly, accurately and with high resolution:

  • 3D Road  mapping;                      >portfolio roads
  • 3D Rail  mapping;                        > portfolio rail
  • 3D inventory mapping;
  • Tunnel clearance survey;           >portfolio tunnels
  • Jetties & shoreline mapping;     
  • Pipeline modeling;                    
  • 3D city modeling;    

monitoring & inspections

The quality of the information collected using our imaging systems brings many advantages comparing to traditional visual inspections in terms of completeness, accuracy, resolution and consistency.              

  • Concrete & earth fill dams;
  • Tunnels;
  • Bridges;
  • Cliffs and slopes;
  • Towers & chimneys;
  • Buildings;             


topography & bathymetry

  • Digital terrain models;
  • Bathymetry of ports, costal zones, rivers and reservoirs;
  • Slopes, cliffs, quarries and open mines;
  • Volume calculation;
  • Project stake-out;
  • Survey and traverse networks;
  • High precision leveling;
  • Cadastral survey;

engineering structures surveying

Precise geometric and dimentional technical "as-built" drawings of complex engeneering structures.

  • Dams;                   > Portfolio dams
  • Tunnels;                 > Portfolio tunnels
  • Bridges;
  • Ports & jetties;
  • Towers & chimneys;
  • Buildings;

Industry & piping

Expertise services on:

  • "As-built" CAD drawings;
  • Isometrics;
  • P&IDs - piping & instrumentation diagrams;
  • Pile volumes;
  • Dimensional and geometry control;

architecture and heritage

High-resolution imaging technics are used for 2D CAD drawing, resulting in reliable technical drawings. The orthoimagery can also be used for interpretation, leading to feature extraction and classification, in construction pathology surveys or material classification analysis.

  • Architectural CAD drawings;
  • Metric orthoimagery of facades and walls;
  • 3D textured models of buildings;


High-resolution macro 2D/3D imaging technics.                                                  

  • Macro imaging 2D/3D of sites and objects;
  • 3D models and  visualization;
  • Animations;