who we are

Artescan is a geoengineering survey company established in 2003 to provide consulting and services for 3D mapping and modeling, Geospatial Information Systems and software development, in the domains of engineering struchtures, geology, hydrography, heritage and architecture, from data acquisition based on state-of-the-art imaging systems to final products.

Our team integrates engineers, land surveyors, CAD designers, administrative and sales personnel.

Until today, our company finished hundreds of projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America, and South Pacific, distinguishing ourselves by providing products with added value to our customers.

We have been surveying, mapping, modeling, monitoring and implementing 2D and 3D Information Systems in a wide range of natural and built environments.

Our solutions seek to offer added value to the conventional engineering products, by providing innovative methodologies and documents such as 3D high resolution and accurate interactive models, structural monitoring and georeferenced visual data, quantities and qualities, ortho-rectified images, videos, animations, PDF 3D or simulations.


mission & vision

To help our clients to get the best solutions fitting their needs, providing tailor-made products, according to the contracted specifications and time frames in a relationship of mutual trust.

To be well-trained, qualified, motivated and ambitious teams, using state-of-the-art technology, applying the best methodologies and developing inovative solutions for newer and older problems.

The continuous search for efficiency, extending our survey activity in whatever environment is necessary. By platforms on land, air or water we want to answer our client’s needs with quality and excellence services and products.

To be an international reference as a data provider,  consultant and capacity builder for 3D surveys / mapping and correlated information systems, participating in challenging projects and international partnerships.