Roads MENU

A3 intersection Santo Tirso, Portugal    

Survey for the A3 Santo Tirso Highway intersection. Data acquired with Mobile Laser Scanning and adjustment to GPS Control Points.

Terrain model, CAD drawings and oblique birdview image.


Saint Moritz, Switzerland    

Mobile Laser Scanning of approximately 50 km of roads and streets of the surroundings and Town of Saint Moritz.


Albertville / Brides-les-Bains, France    

Mobile laser scaninng of 120 km of roads and streets.


Gotthard-pass, Switzerland    

Gotthard pass Mobile Scanning survey including the national road, motorway and tunnels through the pass gathering 270 km of Lidar data and oriented images. The LiDAR data acquired goes from Erstfeld (German side) to Bodio (Italian side), passing the famous skiing resort of Andermatt.

Project in collaboration with ETH Zurich

Data acquisition for this project took three days in September 2011.

1TB of files were delivered with
3D point clouds and color georeferenced images.


Maputo - Ponta do Ouro, Mozambique    

LiDAR and photogrammetric survey for the "Maputo / Ka Tembe / Ponta do Ouro" project.


Luanda and surroundings, Angola    

Survey of 120 km of roads in and around Luanda for Mota-Engil S.A. Angola.

3D Mapping of road corridors 60 m wide and up to the first line of construction.

The data acquisition with our
Mobile Laser Mapping system took four days.


IC2, Alentejo, Portugal    

Precise survey of 36 km of national road pavement / IP2 Castro Verde - Beja.

Data acquisition took 5 hours with texcellent results characterized by a altemetry RMS <0.006 m.

Project for Mota-Engil Group in May 2011.