Tunnels MENU

Pajares, Spain    

3D Mobile Laser Scanning survey of the Pajares tunnels (2 x 25km) for the new high speed track in Spain - AVE.

Data acquisition was completed by our MLS in three different days / missions.

The absolute accuracy of the whole survey was characterized by a RMS of 2 cm,  however the total GNSS outages inside the tunnel in a total lenght of 50 km.


Goshenen, Switzerland    

Swiss 16,5 km long Gottardt tunnel  MLS survey with our Riegl VMX-250 system.


Rabat, Marrocco    

Rabat Ville train station tunnel pathology  mapping survey by 3D laser scanning. Ortoimagery by laser intensity .

Project for ONCF in 2010, Morocco.




Porto, Portugal    

Yellow line Porto Metro tunnels survey in portugal


São Vicente, Madeira Island    

São Vicente Caves survey for Geotechnical project regarding visitors pathways safety and stability.

The work consisted of three-dimensional and photogrammetric survey of galleries with
900 m length, existing geological pathology conditions classification, characterization, size, shape and location. This project was conducted in partnership with Engeomad.


Funchal, Madeira Island    

Tunnel pathology mapping (cota 40) in the city of Funchal, Madeira.